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Bridport Literary Festival mini-course in writing

Friday the thirteenth may shed some of its reputation- we have some places for our mini-course on all aspects of writing. It is within the Bridport literary festival and is very fairly priced at £10 for the whole two hour session (refreshments in the middle included). Tickets available from the box office for the Literary Festival- easily found on the festival website.

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to Aug 15

Moniack Mhor- DONE

Moniack Mhor is one of the most beautiful places to learn creative writing in Britain. Just above Loch Ness, ten miles or so from Inverness, it is the site of the old Arvon courses and it continues or exceeds the high standard it then set. Robert and Jason are teaching a one week creative non-fiction course, limited places.

LATER: We both had a fantastic time teaching here. There was a very positive response to the 'Bridport method' of subordinating writing problems to several simple solutions including finding out what you REALLY believe and pursuing all avenues that help you 'keep on writing'.


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