We offer a comprehensive editing service at £50\hour. This is REAL editing, based on years of experience. We engage as creative producers to take your manuscript and bring out its full potential. A 75,000 word manuscript would require typically 9-12 hours, though this is always variable. These are hard and concentrated hours and we never edit for more than three hours at a time in order to maintain full concentration.

We also offer a service for editing and advising authors on their proposals. We have wide expertise and success in this area. Most information we have seen on proposal writing is outdated- as we write them all the time, ours isn't.

Every job is different so whatever your concerns or requirements get in touch via email and we will work something out.


Creative Read


A creative read through is quicker than a full edit. We read your text and supply detailed notes on what we believe is the best direction for you to take. The number of hours needed to read through a 75,000 word manuscript is around 5-6. We still apply our full experience and expertise to the task and for this we charge £40/hour.


Sometimes it helps to just talk through your writing concerns with someone who has read part or all of your manuscript. We offer Skype, phone or face to face coaching at £55 for 45 minutes.