You are already a great writer...

Our approach is different. Instead of burying you in yet more  suggestions, information and opinion, we help you remove what is getting in the way of your creativity.

The Bridport method, which we have evolved over many years and use ourselves in our daily professional  writing, focuses on removing obstacles to great writing. We believe that great talent is far from rare. What is rare is the ability to connect to it all the time. With our unique exercises and teaching insights we enable you to make that connection.

Our efforts are twofold- a unique editing service and a new way of teaching all kinds of writing from fiction and memoir to history and travel.

Our courses are of three basic types: Beginner's Mind, Journeyman Writer and Masterclass.

In our Beginner's Mind course you don't have to be a beginner. In a way none of us are- we have been writing since childhood even if we don't call ourselves 'writers'. But getting a 'beginner's mind' is a great way of breaking free of old and restricting habits that hold back your writing. 

In the Journeyman Writer course we go deeper into the everyday process of professional writing- be it fiction of non-fiction.

The Masterclass course is for writers who have perhaps published already and want to hone their technique or take on a specific challenge.

On a parallel and equally advanced level we teach the Bridport Method as an inspirational technique and set of unique exercises for existing teachers of creative writing. This is our Instructor's Course.

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